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A4, ballpoint
The annual art project "A4, ballpoint" – might be the bigger collection of drawings by ballpoint pen in the World, it runs totally to 7000 pages. The conception of project encrypted in its' name – all artworks had to be drawed only by primitive and trivial instruments as ballpoint pen on the office sheet of paper A4 format.

This phenomenon became more than just artistic project because of continuity – it lasts from 2006 year and attracted more than 1000 artists both aces of art and talented young artists. This project becomes a general culture phenomenon of Ukrainian art scene, as instrument of artistic dialogue, as document of époque and a fingerprint of collective unconsciousness of Ukrainian creative class.

Project exists uninterruptedly 15 years and earns annually thousands of artworks drawn by ballpoint pen. After careful selection of curator's council 1000 of work being exposing in "Karas Gallery" art space. As a parallel program the contest of essays dedicated to phenomenology of project is taking place. After exhibition finished the annual catalogue of works of project published in a partnership with Voronov Art Foundation (Ihor Voronov).
The ballpoint pen partner of project – Kaminskiy Studio.

DE-TERMINO I-I 1996, oil, canvas, 170x290
Vasyl Bazhay
Vasyl Bazhay was born in Lviv in 1950 year, where he lives and works up today.
Vasyl Bazhay is considered a classic of modern Ukrainian non-figurative abstractions, performance, ready-made and installations.

In 1979 he had finished Lviv Academy of Arts.
The interest toward the non-figurative painting appeared in his creativity somewhere in the middle of 1980's, when the world started to speak of "new savages", neo-expressionism and trans-avant-garde.

Не loves monumental forms and meaningless compositions, pastiness,broad brushstroke and multylayering. Very often Vasyl Bazhay supports his personal exhibitions by brutal installations and performances. Almost every year he creates a large scale exhibitions with complicated nearly "scenography" expositions.

In the project series of 3 meters long artworks from 1990's are presented. This period was very important for formation of Ukrainian contemporary art. Dozens of vertical mounted picturesque cocoons impersonate painted sculptures. This sculptures make the feelings of fine-art as plain and independent subject of entity's landscape.

Delphine love, 2019, canvas, akryl, 195х145
Andriy Dudchenko
Andriy Dudchenko was born 1983 in Yevpatoria, Ukraine.
Ukrainian artist, painter.

In 2002 he graduated from the Crimean Art School named after N. Samokish and the Department of painting at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in Kyiv.

The artist is influenced by the metaphysical painting tradition, although his painting shows a subtle understanding of alienation in the contemporary world.

Andriy Dudchenko's Figures project is a series of illustrations about the heroes who lost in the battle with their own future. Deserted landscapes of the seaside, waves, reduced to rectangular lines by the Greeks, and waves, reconsidered in the colour within Soviet modernism,that are fixed in space and moved far beyond its actuality in time. Now they are expropriated by the coming future which destroys and confronts them in the dialogue, playing with the figures of the past as with the characters of the ancient tragedy, creating the reality of a new present.

Portrait of the artist Margaryta Sherstiuk, 2016, oil, canvas, 140x190
Ihor Kanivets & Margaryta Sherstiuk
Igor Kanivets was born in 1984 and Margarita Sherstyuk in 1989 in Kyiv.

Ukrainian artistic duo has been working in painting, graphics, photography and installations since 2010. Both artists graduated from the Publishing and Printing Institute at the National Technical University "KPI", Department of Graphics.

They created the musical-poetic art group "Ambrozia" in 2018 and the experimental space "Kombinat Khudozhnik Space" in 2019. The Kanivets-Sherstyuk duo explores boundaries of the private and public, and how painting canonizes the vitality of life and affects the artistic expression.

The works presented in the project date back to 2014-2016. Selected artworks document their private life from the "first person" and imitate household selfie-shooting of everyday life. The viewer becomes an accomplice and observer of the personal life of the artistic couple.

Rivalary of Unequal, 2012, oil on canvas, 140х240
Eduard Kolodiy
Born 1970 in Mariupol', Ukraine.

Ukrainian painter, graphic artist, author of art-objects, video-art and performance.

At 1995 graduated from Grekov Odessa State Art school.
Eduard' works are placed in The Odessa Fine Arts Museum, The Museum of Odessa Modern Art, PinchukArtCentre, Guelman Gallery, Mystecky Arsenal and private collections.

The idea of project "Travelling plots" was appeared from the hypothesis that the number of plots (subjects) in the world culture is limited. The dramatist George Polti in his book "The thirty-six dramatic situations" argued, that all drama novels are based on some of this 36 story collisions, which are based on the typology of human relationships and experiences. It means, that over the millennia different people tell each other a small number of the same stories anew. In general, it's called a worldwide culture.

"Travelling plots" are the multi-figure compositions of training drawers with intrinsic drama and tension with no specific place and time of the event.
Carpe Diem, 2017-2018, epoxy, resin
Maria Kulikovska with Uleg Vinnichenko
Maria Kulikovska born (1988) and grew up in the ancient city of Kerch on the edge of the Crimea peninsula (Ukraine), where she cannot return since the illegal annexation of the peninsula by Russia.
Maria is a multimedia artist, architect, actionist-performer, researcher and lecturer in exile.

In Kyiv, she completed her master's degree at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture (2007-2013) in Architecture of Buildings and Structures. She is currently completing her second master's program in fine arts at Europe's leading University – Konsfack in Stockholm, Sweden.

Since March 8 Maria began working with architect-engineer Uleg Vinnichenko, who became technical director, co-researcher and co-author of Maria's projects and her loved partner.

Uleg Vinnichenko is an architect-engineer, researcher and developer of experimental innovative building materials and structures. He was born 1978 in the city of "Rad Factory" in the Poltava region.

In May 2017, Maria and Uleg officially founded the School of Political Performance in Kyiv.

Since January 2020, Uleg Vinnichenko is co-founder and director of the first international Gallery-Shelter "Garage 33" for the artists from "conflict?" in Kyiv.

The series 'Carpe Diem' consists from 5 body-casts, created through the process of the moulding forms from the artist's body. All sculptures are cast in epoxy resin with embedded metaphorical objects inside. They all share the traumatic memories and experiences of the artist life through the symbols and various elements buried under the skin of the sculptures.

Perfromative sculptures from the series "Carpe Diem" were exhibited in different exhibitions and events such as: PERMANENT REVOLUTION – an exhibition of Ukrainian contemporary art in Ludwig Museum in Budapest; and at the exhibition of 5th years of Vogue UA magazine – Ukraine in Fashion.
2018, carton, mixed media, 100x195
Olha Kuzyura
Born 1990 in Mostyska, (Lviv region).
Ukrainian artist, works with painting, graphics, installation.

In 2016 graduated from the Lviv national academy of arts (department of history adn theory of arts), phd student.

The "Missing Presence" installation (2017 - 2020) is the result of an exploration of the phenomenon of collective memory. Parts of the installation are prints of fragments of lost interiors, destroyed houses and border columns of already non-existent countries.

Each paper object is not only a "posthumous mask", but also a document, a medium that captures the presence of man in space.

The Amnesia Project (2017 - 2019) is a series of paintings that reflect the search for relationships between the collective and the individual, the analysis of "dashes" and "question marks" in its own identities. Amnesia for children is a mental failure filled with images and events that have never happened. However, these first "memories" as basic symbols, wich accompany person throughout life and become a key factors in the process of self-identification.
The Erased Faces series, 2017, paper, ink, pencil, 40х35
Mykola Lukin
Mykola Lukin was born 1988 in Odessa.

Ukrainian artist works in the field of painting and graphics, objects and installations.

He graduated from the Odessa Art College named after MB Grekov and the Faculty of Graphic Arts of the National Pedagogical University.

The focus of creative attention is the sphere of intimate existential experiences embodied in figurative compositions that refer to historical memory.

The Erased Faces series is graphic portraits of war-ravaged people. The reference for the creation of this series was the chronicle of facial surgery from the First World War. The purpose of the series was to translate dry documentary photographs into a work of art to shift the focus from laboratory fixation of trauma to a psychological portrait. A portrait of a person without a face is still "a portrait" ...
The Lump, 2000, wood, paint, 75х40х35
Mykola Malyshko
Mykola Malyshko's sculptures combine the aesthetics of different artistic styles and trends, from folk t art to sacred wooden architecture. The wood in Malyshko's sculpture has its own logic, its own laws. He creates sculptures that resonate with the masterpieces of Alexander Archipenko and Ernst Barlach, but adds national ground to this artistic community. His work is more than sculpture, it is structures, mobiles, frames, postmodern installations, art objects.

*Born 1938 in Znamenivka, Dnipropetrovsk region. Lives and works in Kyiv region. In 1961 graduated from Dnipropetrovsk Art College, and in 1967 – from Kyiv National Art Institute.

1997 – named The Painter of the Year, "Zolotyi Peretyn". 1998 – awarded the prestigious Vasyl Stus Prize. 2009 – "DE PROFUNDIS" Mystetskyi Arsenal Kyiv. 2012 – named The Most Significant Discovery in the first modern art biennale ARSENALE Kyiv. 2017 – awarded the Shevchenko National Prize in Visual Arts. Lives and works in Kyiv region.
From the project "Fear", 2017, acrylic, paper, 150x290
Roman Mikhaylov
Born in 1989 in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Graduated with MA in arts from the Kharkiv State Academy.

Mikhailov participated in numerous group exhibitions worldwide, including the 3d Odessa Biennale of Contemporary Art 2013; I am a drop in the ocean, Vienna, 2014; Ukraine – scene libre festival, Paris, 2015. Finalist of Non-Stop Media Festival, Kharkiv (2014); PinchukArtPrize Nominee, Kyiv (2015, 2018); Winner of the Best Installation Award at Saatchi gallery, London (2015).

Roman's works are always acutely social, they make the viewer feel a wide range of conflicting emotions.

In the project "Fear" he touched on the timely topic of human phobias. The author invites the viewer to think, what we are afraid of, what makes our life intolerable, and why we run from our fears. This project is about the disproportion of fears of a modern person to real threats. The grotesque images in Roman's project reveals this state of panic, which is peculiar to modern man today for various reasons.
Hardcore Series, 2016-0002
Sergii Panasenko
Born 1983 in Kiev, Ukraine, where lives and works.

Ukrainian artist, works with the theme of religion, society, fashion, artifacts in genre sculpture, painting, graphics, installation, ready-made. Master of creating dramatic exposures.

In 2008 graduated from KNUBA Architecture, Faculty of the Department of Drawing and Painting.

The exhibition presents works of 2015-2020. "The Broken Cross" 2015 and a series of vivid sculptures and paintings from the project SS2019 2019 - about "vandalism", when the natural beauty of a tree is painted over. It is a project with a social theme, when people, in order to be trendy and attractive, trying to hide themselves behind bright colors, trends, symbols and gold as signs of success.
Birth II
Anastasiia Podervianska
Born in 1978 in Kyiv, Ukraine, lives and works ibid.
Ukrainian artist who works with patchwork, textiles, scenography, assemblage, painting.

In 2002 Anastasiia graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture. Department of Monumental Painting.
In 2019 received Third Prize on 8th WTA World Textile Art Biennale, Madrid. In 2016 became a prizewinner of V Ukrainian Textile Triennial.

Series of textile panels that had combined applique, children's wear and anatomic themes, which were manually embroidered. Some of panels were sewn together from pages of pupil diary and notebooks. These things are kind of milestones of our life's journey. Sewn together these pages reproduce the matrix of the environment in which we exist, the experience that we acquire. A synergy of different experiences is happening and brings everyday things to another level.

"Manually embroidered kitschy napkins, crazy canvases, combinations of the incompatible bring me excitement and I trying to play with all this items and receiving the high level of inspiration."
Virgin Mary, 2018, oil, canvas, 130х200
Liudmyla Rashtanova
Born 1981 in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Ukrainian artist who works in the genre of graphics, painting, installation.
In 2006 Liudmyla was graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, Faculty of Graphics.

Liudmyla works with different media in the textbook genre for postmodernism. She transfers its fragments into paintings with emotions and memories, vintage and sentimental postcards, photos and films, print newspapers and screens of modern technology. Media, as the fastest news source that continually provides thought-provoking shocking material, fills our information environment densely. Art tranforms information into painting, thus canonizing the news, bringing it to historically meaningful content.

Works from the series "Triumph of Wilfulness" and "Portrait in exterior» were made in the last 5 years.
Masha Reva
Born in Odessa, Ukraine in 1987
2010 Masters in Fashion Design, Kyiv National University of Technology and Design , Ukraine
2015 Masters in Womenswear Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design , London, UK.
MA program was curated by late Professor Louise Wilson and course director Fabio Piras.

Masha is a multidisceplinary artist with background in fashion, working in different mediums including art direction, set, textile and fashion design, her practice includes a number of collaborations with the likes of Simon Jaquemus , Pepsi Co, Rachel Comey, Rijksmuseum , Nadiia and many more.

Destinctive feature of Reva's practice is an exploration of her 'line'. Her drawings cover all kind of surfaces from murals, jewellery, pottery and textile design to human body .

In a recent project «Bugaz» Reva reflect on childhood memories .

Growing up by the Black Sea in a family of sculptor and designer shaped artists approach to life.
Surrounded by grotesque characters of the city of Odessa, objects found at the flea market, artist's family traditions and spirit of playfulness crated an imaginary world of child born in former USSR and grown up in Ukraine.

Search for self identity crossing different desciplined is an ongoing state. Visual language includes objects designed and produced by Masha and her team documented and photographed by artist herself.
Proportion, 2018, oil, canvas, 150х100
Andrii Roik
Born 1995 in Lviv, where lives and works.
Ukrainian painter and graphic artist.

In 2016 Andrii graduated from the Lviv College of Decorative and Applied Arts called affter Ivan Trush and in 2018 from the Lviv National Academy of Arts, Faculty of Monumental Painting. Roik is representative of "Lviv New Wave".

Andrii is an artist who combines mastering academic technique and drama. His paintings are more graphic than picturesque, monumental and figurative. The focus of Roik's works is the body as part of the physiological and anthropological study of human nature. The conjuncture of imagery is seen as a deconstruction and overcoming of constraints on the traditional canonicality of the body. The author gives functions to the form and structure of figures.

Works presented in frames of NordArt from the series "Body" and "Figures" were created over the last few years.
Cattle on pasture, 2016, carpet, oil, 142х205
Andriy Sagaidakovsky
Andriy works in the field of painting and practices unusual techniques, such as painting on rugs. Andriy is one of the most ironic contemporary Ukrainian artists, who finds unusual perspectives on everyday topics.

As the impulse for creation Sagaidakovsky considers the life itself, right here right now. In his works he uses old canvases, torn cloths, carpets. The artist works in fine art and is the creator of installations and art objects.

* Andriy Sagaidakovsky was born in Lviv in 1957. In 1979, he graduated from the Arcitechture faculty of Lviv Polytechnic Institute. In 2015, he was the participant of the Polish pavilion at International Art Venice Biennale Exhibition. Andriy regards Karl Zvirynsyi and — the legend of Lviv artistic environment and the student of Fernand Lége — Roman Selskyi as his teachers. In 1990, his works were included to the significant Defloration exhibition of informal art of Lviv.

He lives and works in Lviv
Game over, triptych, 120х70
Andrii Savchuk
Born in 1993 (Ukraine , Ternopil region ,village Koropets). Andrii Savchuk is Ukrainian Op Art artist, Work and live in city Lviv, Ukraine.
Educated in 2012-2018 in the Lviv National Academy of Arts (Ukraine), received master of art degree in decorative arts (wooden sculpture).

Savchuk's materials of choice are toned wood or plastic. His style is characterized by the use of colorful colors and simple geometric forms. In his work, Andrii often refers to the past and ponders how his childhood memories and impressions are being reflected in adult his life and work. Participated in international residences, plein airs and art events.
Mountains, 2020, digital print, (edition 1-1)
Oleksiy Sai
Was born in 1975 in Kyiv. In 1994 educated in Kyiv Art and Industry College on the graphic design department. In 2001-2005 educated in Ukrainian National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture on the Department of Graphics. Working in several media: digital art, sculpture, art-object, installation.

It is difficult to assess the scale of today's global culture. Trying to find an adequate visual language to describe contemporary processes I make a series of works in the program which counts the money - Microsoft Excel. Millions of administrators produce their work without coming into contact with reality - and the data I use as elements of visual language can be clearly understood by a person of the corporate culture - perhaps the youngest of the well-defined cultures of humanity.

About the works for the NordArt exhibition: landscapes that are meant to be perfect, but they cannot become perfect, because a tool that was designed to work with data is unable to reproduce reality.
Colored highways, 2018, MDF, wood, acrylic, polyurethane, 200х100
Nazar Symotiuk
Was born in 1992 in Buchyaki village, Ivano-Frankivsk region. Educated in 2012-2018 in Lviv National Academy of Arts, department of wooden design.

Op-art has become a key focus and has opened up a wide range of opportunities for creative ideas. In creating voluminous compositions, I combine minimalism of simple geometric shapes and color contrast to enhance the emotional perception of the viewer.

Working with abstractive wooden plastics I managed to find new visual opportunities of using of traditional medium and to synthetize in that way my passion to impressionism, pointillism and optical art.
Slightly Altered
Synchrodogs, Roman Noven and Tetiana Shcheglova
Artistic duo "Synchrodogs" Tetiana Scheglova and Roman Noven working together since 2008. Ukrainian duo works in the field of photography, installation, performance, happening and photo-fashion.

Tetiana (1986) and Roman (1984) graduated from technical universities in Ukraine and both became artists through self-education.

"Synchrodogs" were nominated to PinchukArtPrize 2013, won FOAM Construct 2012 Award (Netherlands), won in nomination "Best art-photographer" in Vogue Talent Contest, won "Best Portfolio" prize on Weitsprung No.5 (Germany), became a winner in Feature Shoot Emerging Photography, finalists in LensCulture Visual Storytelling Award 2019. Photos of duo were published in Esquire, Vice, Dust, Vision, Dazed and Confused.

In the project "Slightly Altered" Synchrodogs creates installations, which "life" are limited to one day. These objects, which captured only in photos, appear in front of us in a landscape that is rapidly changing and disappearing due to human invasion.

The Way
Oleg Tistol
Oleg Tistol is a Ukrainian artist, born іn 1960, a representative of Ukrainian neo-baroque and one of the leaders of the "New Ukrainian Wave".

The art of Oleg Tistol (paintings, large-scale installations, photos, sculptures, and art objects) has always been in the center of the artistic process, what is illustrated by his regular participation in the international art events.

Tistol's art, which emerged at the edge of the Soviet and post-Soviet epochs, combined both a critique of Soviet culture with re-evaluation of its clichés, as well as the vital, joyful, and playful atmosphere, which largely defined the appeal of the "Ukrainian new wave". Combining in his works the national and soviet symbols, myths and utopias he discovered for himself the notion of simulacrum — a copy with no original. Such a paradoxical self-sustainability of propaganda as substitution for the non-existing items unexpectedly unites propaganda with pop-art. Tistol was primarily interested in its formal aesthetic aspects - stencil plates, color back-ups, smoothly painted surfaces.

Red corner, project Phantom pain, installation, 2019
Alyona Tokovenko
Alona Tokovenko was born in Odessa in 1990.
Ukrainian artist, works with painting, graphics, installation.

She graduated from the Mitrofan Grekov Odessa Art School and Kiev University of Technology and Design, costume design Faculty.

The artist works with abstraction and corporeality, deconstructs the body into parts and forms new visual objects, in which sensitivity and sensuality become the basis of form and perception.

She dissolves her consciousness and the recognition of the form into an amorphous mass, from which she subsequently re-molds new images and characters.

These characters don't have the faces or inner thoughts and feelings – they are the shell and the essence at the same time. They symbolize rough physiology as well as painful subjects for an artist.

The artist tries to show the mechanism of brain work and to illustrate her imagination and the way of thinking by drawing the boundaries between the visible and the imaginary.

The Phantom Pain project reflects on the history, culture, and social processes in the country. The artist considers the impossibility of moving forward without deep analysis and rethinking of the traumas and profound complex deformations of society's consciousness that they have formed.
Triumph, 2011-2013, acryl on canvas, 217x260
Artem Volokitin
Born 1981 in Chuguiv, Kharkiv region, Ukraine. Ukrainian artist, painter.

He has graduated from the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts. He completed an internship at Antony Gormley's painting studio in London. In 2011, he was the Main Prize Winner of the Pinchuk Art Centre, which allowed the artist to make his first appearance in the parallel program of the Venice Biennale in 2011.

In 2015, Artem Volokitin participated in the main program of the Venice Biennale, his works became part of the Ukrainian pavilion "Hope!".

Over the past three years his canvases have visited London's Saatchi Gallery,Vienna Contemporary,Art Basel, the Ukrainian Institute of America, Inc. in New York, as well as the Danish fair Art Copenhagen and the German Kolner Liste.

Lives and works in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Artem Volokitin is working with the traditional technique of oil painting. . In his paintings he used to be close to hyperrealism, however now he uses rather conventional realism and neo-baroque.

The Ukrainian project presents his famous series - the polyptych "Triumph" and "After Image", which have been featured on many international venues.
Kunstwerk Carlshuette
Vorwerksallee, D-24782 Buedelsdorf
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